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Customized Thermoelectric Cooling (Peltier) Modules

We have great flexibility in providing custom designs due to our capable design team, vertically integrated manufacturing and strong supply chain. Existing models can be modified to increase or decrease heat pumping capacity (Qmax), by altering TE element sizes. Solutions to meet new requirements or existing designs not covered by our standard products can also be designed and produced. Many options and finishing combinations are available to provide the best solution.

  • The thermoelectric modules can be assembled in kits with series or parallel connection or installed in a device in compliance to customer specifications.
  • Metallization and a variety of solder coating are available
  • TEMS in custom sizes, shapes and performance ranges can be designed and built

  • Specifications

    Available Series
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    S - Standard
    R - Reliance

    C - Cycle

    H - Hot

    Number of TE Elements Couples

    7 - 228

    Cross-Dimension (A=B)
    (Tolerance ± 0.02 mm)

    0.35 - 2.40 mm

    Height of Element
    (Tolerance ± 0.02 mm)

    0.30 - 5.00 mm

    Thickness Tolerance Index1

    L1 - Thickness Tolerance ± 0.01 mm
    L2 - Thickness Tolerance ± 0.02 mm

    Optional Sealing Type2

    No Sealing
    S - Silicon Sealing

    E - Epoxy Sealing
    1 L2 is the standard thickness tolerance, L1 is offered at an extra cost.
    2 Max Δ T is reduced by 2-3ºC for silicone and by 1-2ºC for epoxy sealing versions.

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