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Themoelectric Accessories

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DC & AC Cooling Fans

We sell DC and AC Cooling Fans specially selected for use in thermoelectric assemblies and associated products. Fans are also available for other applications including Personal Computers, Audio & Video Products, Automobiles, Equipment and Machinery where heat removal or ventilation is required. We source directly from many of China’s leading fan manufactures through Adcol. Adcol provides engineering to support selection and also manufactures Heat Sink Fan Assemblies and Thermoelectric Cooling Assemblies with Heat Sinks and Fans.

Fan Guards

Fan Guards/Finger Guards for use with our fans are available in both metal and plastic.
Fan Shroud

Fan Shrouds/ Stamping

We offer stampings, precision sheet metal fabrication and machining services for custom part fabrication such as fan shrouds, electronics cabinets and enclosures.
  • CNC Stamping and Bending, Laser Cutting, Tooled Stampings
  • Anodize, Chromate, Painting, Powder Coating
  • Small or Large Volume

DC Switching/ Power Supplies

  • Enclosed Single Output
  • Universal 120/220 volt AC input
  • Safety Approvals: UL & CE
  • We sell a variety of DC Switching and Power Supplies. Please Request Information to let us help you meet your needs.

    Thermoelectric Temperature Controller

    Thermoelectric Temperature Controllers

    We offer a wide range of temperature controllers, from basic ON/OFF to advanced PC programmable versions. Our in-house designed models (except panel mount) provide not only temperature control, but also system functions, including separate fan control, low voltage protection and alarm. We are confident we can find the ideal controller for your application.
    • Control Temperature of Adcol Thermoelectric Assembly (TEA)
    • Integrate Controller into a Standard or Custom TEA
    • Supply Sensors to fit the Application

    Thermoelectric Hardware Fasteners

    Hardware recommended for thermoelectric assemblies
    • Stainless Steels Machine Screws
    • Flat Washers in Stainless Steel and Insulating Plastic
    • Bellville Spring Washers
    • Kitting Available
    Foam Insulation

    Thermoelectric Insulation

    Insulating gasket materials designed for thermoelectric assemblies are available with the follow features:
    • Closed Cell Materials with Low Thermal Conductivity such as Neoprene, Poron Foam and Zote Foam
    • Die Cutting, Water Jet Conversation to Finished Size Ready for use
    • Adhesive Backing
    Ace Trifold Thermoelectric Accessories

    Wire & Wire Harness Solutions

  • Hookup Wire: PTFE (Teflon), PVC, to UL & Military specifications supplied on spools, cut and stripped, with connectors
  • Custom Wire Harness
  • Custom Cable Assembly
  • More Certifications (click on image here)
  • Image

    DC Pumps

    We sell DC Pumps designed for liquid cold plates, liquid heat exchangers, thermoelectric chillers, air to liquid thermoelectric assemblies and thermoelectric generator assemblies.

    Plastic Thermoelectric Components

    Adcol engineering brings strong experience in the design and fabrication of plastic parts and a supply base to support production. We offer very competitive prices, excellent quality and low tooling investment.