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Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

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Thermal Grease

Thermal Grease design with thin bond lines and excellent wetting properties are excellent for thermoelectric and other thermal applications. Silicone and nonsilicone formulations are available with thermal conductivity up to 4.5 W/mk.

Manufactured and quality tested under ISO 9001:2000 / TS 16949:2002 standards by EMS in the USA and China.

Typical Applications:

  • Thermal Assemblies/Thermoelectrics
  • Thermal interface between semiconductors case and heat sink
  • Computer CPU


Thermal Epoxy

Our epoxy offerings include thermal conductive 1-part and 2-part epoxies with thermal conductivity up to 3.3 W/mK. They are widely used on applications such as bonding fins to base plates of bonded fin and fold fin heat sinks, on liquid cold plates to bond tubes and in thermoelectric assemblies to bond thermoelectric modules and cold plates to objects being cooled/heated.

Our low density potting epoxy is used to form perimeter seals on thermoelectric modules to provide moisture protection, increased mechanical strength, and to minimize the impact on thermoelectric module cooling performance. The key features are low moisture absorption, strong bond, low thermal conductivity (0.19 W/mk) and viscosity formulated for speedy application. ...

Thermal Graphite Foil

Thermal Graphite Foil

AGF050 is a high performance, cost-effective material. This material is used where electrical isolation is not required. Its unique grain-oriented, plate like structure allows it to conform exactly to surfaces, thus maximizing heat transfer.

AGF050 can be supplied in 12" x 18" (305 mm x 457 mm) or 18" x 24" (457 mm x 914 mm) sheets, in rolls, or die cut to specific configurations. AGF050 is available with proprietary pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. This adhesive coating is the thinnest available, thereby minimizing thermal performance impact.
  • High thermal conductivity 5 W/mK in Z axis and 140 W/mK in the X-Y axis
  • >98% Graphite
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Thicknesses from 0.005", 0.010" & 0.020" (0.125 mm, 0.25 ...

Fully Automated TIM Forming Line

Integrated fully automated forming line for the production of Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)