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Thermoelectric Assemblies (TEA)

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Air to Air Assembly Main Photo

Air-to-Air Thermoelectric Assemblies

The Adcol ATA is typically used to cool (or heat) objects in enclosures. Heat is absorbed and dissipated by heat exchangers equipped with fans. To install, simply cut a hole, plug in the assembly and connect it to a power source. Our ATA coolers are compact and dependable. All models are optimized for ΔT and efficiency. A variety of voltage options from 12 to 48 volts and cooling capacity from 15 watts to 200 watts are available, Typical applications include cooling electronics cabinets, analytical instruments, commercial refrigeration, food transportation boxes and small electronics enclosures.
Air-to-Plate Thermoelectric Assemblies (ATP040-12 VDC)

Air-to-Plate Thermoelectric Assemblies

ATP is typically used in three key applications for cooling/heating:
    1.) Objects directly on the cold plate, or objects on an additional cold plate of your own design
    2.) Enclosures by attaching a thermal conductive container to the cold plate
    3.) Liquids by attaching a thermal conductive tank or liquid heat sink to the cold plate
The heat is absorbed by the cold plate, pumped through the TE modules and then dissipated to the air by an air heat sink. Our coolers deliver compact and reliable cooling in a range from 42 to 80 watts. All models are optimized for a variety of voltages, ΔT and efficiency. Typical applications include cooling electronics, analytical instruments, lasers and commercial refrigeration. ...
Air-to-Liquid Thermoelectric Assemblies (ATL200-24 VDC)

Air-to-Liquid Thermoelectric Assemblies

Our solid-state technology is superior in performance, reliability and precise temperature control over conventional compressor based systems. ATL series chillers are designed to simplify assembly, which translates into cost savings for our customers. The pump capacity is maximized to improve the cooling efficiency and heat transfer of a liquid circuit. Fan noise is minimized for quieter operation in a lab environment setting. Sizes from 50 to 300 watts are available for use in lasers in photonics, semiconductor, medical or lab science industries.