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Item # 250005-001, Air-to-Air Thermoelectric Assemblies

ATA080-24 VDC Thermoelectric air conditioners are designed for electronic cabinets, refrigeration and environmental chambers. They can cool to 72ºF below ambient or maintain ambient temperatures while removing up to 280 BTU/Hr (@ 77ºF ambient). Use 24 VDC configuration, it could generate 80 W power, if use 12 VDC configuration, it could generate 100 W power. These air conditioners are virtually maintenance-free, with no filters to change, and they can be mounted in any orientation, offering design flexibility with solid-state reliability.

Note: Running current ±10%

Specifications  · Dimensions


Adcol Model

ATA080-24 VDC


Air to Air Cooling System

Cooling Capacity

80 W

Input Voltage

24 V

Working Ambient Temperature

0 - 60 ºC

Running Current

4.5 A

Start Current

5.3 A

Hot Side Fans Current

0.35 A

Cold Side Fans Current

0.25 A




2.80 kg

Overall Dimensions

203 x 155 x 213 mm


Cool Side Length

178 mm

Cool Side Width

104 mm

Cool Side Height

91 mm

Hot Side Length

203 mm

Hot Side Width

155 mm

Hot Side Height

122 mm


·  Wiring Schematic

·  ATA080-24 VDC/ATA100-12 VDC Installation Method and Cutout Dimension (mm)

·  ATA080-24 VDC/ATA100-12 VDC Dimensional Drawing (mm)