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Item # 250006-001, Air-to-Air Thermoelectric Assemblies

ATA200-48VDC Thermoelectric Air Conditioner
This Specification makes general provisions for the performance indicators, technical parameters, environmental adaptation, monitoring performance and structural requirements of the TEC air-conditioner for battery cabinet.

General Specification:
The TEC air-conditioner consists of 6 parts, which are semiconductor cooling plate (including sealing and heat insulating materials), cold end radiator, hot end radiator, cold end fan, hot end fan and monitoring module. When power is supplied to the TEC air-conditioner, one end of the semiconductor cooling plate will be cooling and the other end heating, and the cold/heat generated will be radiated to the surroundings via the cold/hot end radiators and fans. The cold end radiator and the cold end fan make up the inner circulation for internal cooling of the cabinet; the hot end radiator and the hot end fan make up the outer circulation for heat radiation to the external environment, as shown in Figure 1.

ATA200-48VDC The air conducts of the inner and outer circulations of the TEC air-conditioner feature a central air intake and outlets on both sides, as shown in Figure 2.

Specifications  · Dimensions  · Electrical Specification


Adcol Model

ATA200-48 VDC


Air to Air Cooling System

Cooling Capacity

200 W

Input Voltage

58 V

Working Ambient Temperature

60 - 70 ºC

Running Current

7.8 A

Start Current

9.4 A


7.50 kg

Overall Dimensions

400 x 153 x 180 mm

Cooling Objective


Fan Input Voltage

48 VDC

TEC Input Voltage

48 VDC

Unit Stable Current

7.8 ± 10% A

Over Heat Protection



51 dB

Life Times

Over 50,000 hrs

Cut Hole Size

155 x 352 mm, with screw to fix to the cabinet.


Cool Side Length

400 mm

Cool Side Width

153 mm

Cool Side Height

101 mm

Hot Side Length

400 mm

Hot Side Width

153 mm

Hot Side Height

93 mm

Electrical Specification

ATA200 Input Power

DC48V, Power Supply with 48 VDC ± 20% are OK for the unit keeping working.


UL1015 16 AWG


·  Figure 1: ATA200-48 VDC Structure Diagram (Bottom View)

·  Figure 2: ATA Air Flow

·  Connector

·  ATA200-48 VDC Dimension (mm)

·  ATA200-48 VDC Cut Hole for Installation